Corneal Ulcer

IMG_1353.JPG  Corneal ulcer requires urgent specialist attention. Always look for a white patch or mark on the cornea when seeing an eye that is red or painful. Especially check in a contact lens wearer.

If a contact lens wearer has an eye problem, it is usually related to the contact lenses. In contact lens overwear, the eyes may actually feel better when the lenses are worn, so that the patient may not suspect they have contact lens overwear.

Bacterial Keratitis is commonly called a corneal ulcer. It may present with a red, photophobic eye with a white spot visible on the cornea.

The following statements are true / false:

  • Treatment is with intensive chloramphenicol drops
  • Often requires hospital admission
  • Always requires urgent specialist assessment

Other questions

  • Who is at greatest risk and why?
  • Can you mention some other causes of a white spot on the cornea?

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