These are some clinical scenarios to stimulate some thinking! Click through to see the related questions.

Case 1

A 28 year old mum brings her 2 year old daughter, Sophie, into see you. Mum has noticed a squint when Sophie is concentrating on things up close for the last couple of months. She tells you that Sophie’s dad had a squint as a child and wears glasses. You examine the child and confirm a convergent squint.

Case 2

You see a 45 year old lady with type 2 diabetes. She has attended diabetes eye screening and has since received a letter to attend the local eye department for further investigation. She says her vision is fine, but she is terrified as her mum went blind from diabetes. She wants to talk about what she can do to reduce her risk of going blind.

Case 3

A 63 year old gentleman complains of reduced vision from his left eye. He noticed it two days ago when he was cleaning his glasses. He reports he is otherwise well. He is on treatment for hypertension.

Case 4

A 21 year old female student comes to surgery requesting antibiotics for an eye infection. She is a contact lens wearer. She takes the Combined Oral Contracteptive pill (COC).

Case 5

A 35 year old builder presents to surgery with a painful watering eye. It awoke him from sleeping in the night with severe pain, and has improved in the last couple of hours. He reports the pain is like the time his 18 month old daughter poked him in the eye last year.

Case 6

A 50 year old lady attends surgery regarding a dry cough. She was unwell for 2 weeks, but is starting to feel much better in herself. Since 2 days ago she has been aware of a “spider” floating in the vision from her left eye. She is not sure whether this is important enough to book into her optician.

Case 7

A 68 year old man comes to see you at surgery. He is requesting some antibiotic drops because he has “conjunctivitis again”. You note he has been seen twice in the last year with similar episodes of red, gritty eyes, treated with chloramphenicol drops

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